Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome Home!

Elder Shipp returned home today after serving an honorable two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Durban, South Africa.  He flew through London and arrived at LAX at 1:30 p.m..  After going through customs he finally made it out to see us around 3:00 p.m.  

We were all so excited!
Here are a few of those anxiously waiting:

Walking out to see us...this was our first view of him.  He is looking as handsome as ever!

Once he cleared the gates the hugs began!

We drove straight to the Stake Center where President Ahlstrom gave Scooter an honorable release as a missionary then headed home for an evening of visitors.

Mackenzie could not be at the airport because of not being able to miss pre calculus, but she was able to make it to Grandpa and Grandma's house before Scooter arrived!  Trevor was away at science camp so he will have to wait until Friday to see him.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Letter from a Visitor!

This is brother Jay Price from Rexburg, Idaho.  I have been working the last few of weeks in Durban, South Africa.  I’ve been attending church in the Phoenix suburb of Durban where your son is assigned along with Elder Logan Bingham.

I wanted to let you know that he appears to be healthy and happy and well fed despite the Indian food with massive amounts of curry.  We had dinner at the Branch President’s house last week.  Your son is obviously well loved by President Ravi and his family including three very nice little girls: Amy, Kelly, and Heather.  The other members of the branch also really enjoy being around your son.

You can be very proud of Clinton.  He’s doing a great job.

Jay Price

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder Shipp!

Elder Shipp is 21 years old!  He got to celebrate in style South African style!

He is loving his companion right now!

Looks like they are having too much fun :)!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Elder Shipp has gotten his travel plans for returning home!!  He will arrive on Wednesday, November 14th at 1:30 p.m. at LAX.  We are all excited for his arrival!

Latest update

How has your week gone?

Any new investigators? 
nope not this week.

When is the baptism? 
sometime. hahaha when he's ready.
Would you like a homemade meal from me when you come home???
 you guys can choose. ill prob have jet lag.

***Have you been taking many pictures?
 yea.... sad story. my camera just broke this afternoon at the end of the bird park. Says lense error and wont work. i think when i get home ill get it fixed... but i think bday present is camera?? is that cool? cause id like to get it before my birthday. so i can take pics at my bday.****

Will you get to go to the Temple before you leave Johannesburg? 
idk it depends on my travel plans. im trying to make arrangements. but i need more details on where and how long.

What is your favorite food from this area? ummmmm kababs and roties.

How much is gas in your area? 
 its about 11 rand a liter. so like 1.5 something a liter. 4 liters a gallon so like 6 bucks.

What are you doing today that is going to be fun?
 we went to the bird park.

Can you write me more detail about the questions???? 
 no. hahaha. man ill talk as much as you want when im home. haha


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pheonix, Durban

So my new area is called Pheonix and the climate is alot like Pheonix, Arizona.  I went from living in a mountainous (think Big Bear in November) to hot and humid!  There is a branch here for church so that is nice!

People love to feed them!

Trevor is Surfing???? thats pretty sweet. tell him to hang ten for me. If he gets good he'll have to hit up this beach near me called Balito. its pretty sweet brah.

This new area is cool. 100% different experience then my entire mission. its regular town. its majority english speaking. and christianity is not the majority. Its like starting mission all over again. Im teaching a lady that doesn't even know who heavenly father is and who Jesus Christ is. Didn't realize that people didnt know these things. hahaha we get fed like nuts. litterally the people could care less if your selling salvation or cars, if you knock on the door you'll get in and get juice if not a meal. then they just talk and ask you to go. haha ok, thanks for lunch.

The work is great tho. I really have to be bold. i think i've said things in these past two weeks with people i met the first time in my life. then things that i would have said to people i've known my entire times in areas. just what you have to do. like no this is right and this is how we know. try it if you want to make it to heaven. now you can kick me out your door. haha

My companion is Elder Armstrong and he is pretty cool.  This past week  I gave a talk that lasted like 25 min and i didn't prepare and it was 100 percent by the spirit. i prayed for inspiration and it came. God's real and here to help us.

love you,